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  • Uber vs. Lyft

Ride Sharing Showdown: Uber vs. Lyft

The ride sharing services Uber and Lyft both make it easy to grab a ride with your phone, get you where you’re going in minutes, and automatically pay for the trip without needing cash or card on hand. We decided find out which one is

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  • VW-TDI-owner-do

What Should I Do If I’m A Volkswagen TDI Owner?

By now you’ve probably heard Volkswagen got caught cheating emissions regulations with their TDI diesels on millions of cars worldwide. For those who own one here in the U.S., here are some initial thoughts from a consumer protection attorney’s perspective. Owners of these cars are

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  • fix-cars

Here’s How You Can Learn To Fix Cars

Lots of folks out there want to learn to fix cars, but don’t know how. Fear not, clean-handed folks, for we have the answer to how you can get greasy and smelly just like us! I walk around town in greasy pants, torn shirts, ripped

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  • lease-car

What Do I Do When My Lease Is Over?

Here’s a scenario: for the last few years you’ve enjoyed a brand new car with lower payments because you leased instead of purchased. Now that the lease is coming to an end, you have a few options to consider, but you will want to do

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Career Spotlight: What I Do as a Bar Owner

Opening your very own bar kind of sounds like a relaxing retirement project—until you realize that creating a sustainable hospitality business is a laborious undertaking in an unforgiving landscape. Pour yourself a drink, you might need it. To learn a little about the realities of

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