• 1965 FORD MUSTANG NO. 00002

1965 FORD MUSTANG NO. 00002

1965 FORD MUSTANG NO. 00002 It might be serial number 00002, but as no. 00001 went to a convertible, this 1965 Ford Mustang is the very first Mustang hardtop. Exhaustively researched by historian Bob Fria, it's unclear whether the convertible or this car

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  • 1966 FORD GT40 MKI

1966 FORD GT40 MKI

1966 FORD GT40 MKI This 1966 Ford GT40 MKI isn't just any first-gen example of this historic race car — it was the first road-ready example ever delivered to the US. Built at Ford's Advanced Vehicles factory in England, it was powered by

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  • 2020-FORD-BRONCO


2020 FORD BRONCO CONCEPT It's unlikely to see the production line anytime soon — it's not even an official Ford concept, after all — but we still wouldn't mind hopping behind the wheel of this2020 Ford Bronco Concept. Drawing inspiration from classic Broncos

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GT500's aren't exactly common. Examples kept at the company are even more rare, and designated "engineering" cars are rarer still. This 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 is among the latter. One of only 11 built that year, chassis number 0425 was born at Shelby's California

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